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2000: Charlotte : Fasting, prayers and almsgivings for new direction of country of America in Presidential election were successful.
2002: Charlotte : In addition to normal prayers and penance, offered to give up coffee drinking to obtain majority Republicans in US House and Senate in year in which the opposition party typically gains control - success.
2006-2011: Charlotte : Slowly fell back into old ways, starting with cigar smoking and then wine drinking, similar to Solomon wasting all his wisdom and victories on wine and foreign gods in his later years. America reverts to radical path to destruction again. In 2009 the Lord gave me a gift of meeting my second wife on my birthday, on the start of a transcontinental cruise.
2012: Charlotte : Fasted 3 consecutive days before American Presidential debates to obtain significant lead for Romney in race. Lost it and the election by breaking (yet again) my vow in a stressful situation not to smoke cigars.
2016: Philippines : Before and during vacation, fasting and prayers during Chicago Cubs games helped assure first World Series win in 108 years.

2016: Charlotte : Fasting and praying 3 consecutive days before election helped assure unforeseen Presidential election victory for Donald Trump.

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This site is about the mercy of God who has sent us the Blessed Virgin Mary to prepare the world for its purification and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, by encouraging recitation of the holy rosary everyday, penance and the sacraments to defeat the Great Red Dragon (Rev 12) in order to restore our laws, especially concerning Abortion, to conform to God's Laws. My story in this Great Adventure is summarized below: 
1987: Louisiana
: Amidst serious drinking and adulterous behaviors, I discovered Virgin Mary appearing at Medjugorje to six children with messages of hope to the world. Obeyed her requests and prayed the rosary everyday. Received first dream warning that the devil, symbolized by a lioness in the dream, would be allowed to obtain the death of a child if I kept on heavy binge drinking. Kept praying the rosary everyday and converting.
1988: Georgia: Daughter miraculously saved from fate in first dream, turning my life around 180 degrees to be more devout Catholic. Received second warning dream when trying to find gold in the ground to relieve monetary stress; fervent praying of the rosary saved another child from fate in the dream. Investigated other apparitions of Mary especially at Fatima, Portugal in 1917, where dire warnings came true.
1989-1994: Georgia, Missouri : Began spreading news of Marys messages and apparitions to others through newspaper letters and ads to obtain conversion of America before chastisements materialized. Visited Conyers, Georgia where Mary & Jesus were appearing to Nancy Fowler; focus was on Jesus presence in the Blessed Sacrament and serious warnings for America.  I saw 1993 Flood of the Century firsthand.
1995: Missouri : Despairing of little results of my spreading messages, on a whim I offered to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament to give back the gifts he had given me for the conversion of America: wife, children, job, home, car. Unintentionally I started to lose everything by my own fault, and when I realized Jesus was taking me up on my vow I intentionally let it all come to pass, at great sorrow. Moved back to Slidell to live with parents.
1996: Kingston, Jamaica : Moved to Charlotte, NC to be near kids, after getting a good job from novena to St. Jude. On church charity trip to Kingston, learned lesson of giving love to less fortunate of different color, determined to  bring lesson home to the states and applying in daily life.
1997: Fatima, Portugal : During church pilgrimage to Fatima, applied lessons learned from other pilgrimages, offered much penance, survived a test from the devil, and accomplished victory in avoiding serious chastisements to America mentioned in warnings from Conyers.
1998: Rome, Italy : While on a business trip in early May, received "call" to go to Rome. This resulted in a second giving up of everything since I lost my job and means of child support, car payments, etc. Quickly found out my mission was to combine all the penance exercises I had learned to that point: fasting, praying in the St. Peter's Basilica adoration chapel during day and at apartment during night, and little or no sleep, sometimes for days. Longest fast without food was 7 days. Longest fast without sleep was 3 days. This went on for 2 months and I went from 160 to 135 pounds. I was assured victory was won and that Jesus would extend his presence in the Eucharist and holy mass (ie, no abomination of desolation), and 7 more years given to Pope Saint John Paul II (ie, no Antichrist at the appointed time of 1998).
1999: Holy Land: After Rome, my father was kind enough to furnish a plane ticket back to Slidell, La after my unlimited business credit card was cancelled (I eventually paid it all back). After receiving a new job I took a church pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Among many standout memories from this awesome trip, a sign confirmed for me the victories from prior pilgrimages. As we were standing atop Mt Carmel looking over the expanse of mountains and valleys that our host assured was the valley of Armageddon, the leader of our group came up to me and said, "Tim, when I take a picture of you the background behind you is invisible - I cannot see Armageddon. When I focus on anyone else, I can see the background clearly. Do you know why this is?"  I Did not want to say directly that my sacrifices contributed to the cancellation of Armageddon.