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More Important Apparitions and Messages

Garabandal. Spain       Naju, Korea       Akita, Japan       Betania, Venezuela       Egypt       Ukraine       Many More

Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Conversion of Latin America from 1531 to Today

The miraculous image that the Blessed Mother impressed on the tilma (coat) of Juan Diego in 1531 still miraculously exists today and still cannot be explained by science.

Father Gobbi (MMP), October 1973 to December 31, 1997

The Blessed Mother gave Father Stefano Gobbi many messages to pass along to brother priests and faithful during this time, encouraging them to persevere in the faith in the midst of growing apostasy and persecution, before the arrival of the Antichristand the Abomination of Desolation, prior to a renewed Church and the Second Coming of the Lord. In the book of beautiful messages are her detailed explanations of the symbols of Revelation, including the Great Red Dragon, the Black Beast, the Number 666, etc. You may go here to order the book in English or connect to sites for foreign language versions.

Conyers, Georgia, USA from 1990 to 1998

America is in danger of great natural disasters and of entering into a Third World War with China, North Korea and Russia, and losing. Will America learn the lessons from the past messages of Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary in time? Jesus and Mary appeared to Nancy Fowler many times in Conyers, Georgia, in the 1990's with important messages, signs and miracles. An international team of scientists and physicians attempted to prove the apparitions a hoax, but they were the ones who had their minds changed. A few of them rededicated their life to God and travelled the world spreading the messages and the results of their findings.

A Link to Doctor Sanchez' Testimonial  ;  A Link to Detailed Description of Tests of Nancy during apparitions.

More on Scientific Testing performed during Apparitions of Jesus and Mary to Nancy Fowler

Medjugorje, Yugoslavia, from June 24, 1981 to Present

A peaceful oasis surrounded by countries in a war that may have been avoided. Ten secret future events, including some world wide chastisements, have been given to the six children (seers) to be revealed to the public when the time comes. These secrets were postponed in 1998 for the reasons given in Antichrist."In this period of ten years, all the secrets which I have revealed to some of my children will come to pass, and all the events which have been foretold to you by me will take place" (Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM) to Marian Movement of Priests (MMP), Sept 18, 1988)

Messages from

Jesus and Mary


Lessons Learned

Fatima, Portugal, from May 13 to October 13, 1917

World War II and much of Russian expansion of Atheistic Marxist Communism could have been avoided had we listened to the  messagesand taken action.

Kibeho, Rwanda, from Nov 28, 1981, to Nov 28, 1989

The bloody massacre of the 1994 genocide could have been avoided, had enough persons listened and acted upon the messages.