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One could use any criteria to make a list of States, but since homosexual marriage is so confusing to many whether its right or not, I decided to put forth the list of States which have ratified homosexual marriages in order of the legalization date, in order to show that God does indeed find homosexuality a grave disorder and those marriages are an affront to His laws and design of Nature. If fire and rocks fall from the heavens (the sky) upon these States in this order, then that is a confirmation.

Let us hope that it will not come to this, but if it does then we will know it is God's Divine Mercy obtained through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary that will once again give us new hope, time and impetus to change. Let us not waste this opportunity! There is only one choice to save ourselves and our Country!                Get a Special Rosary and Questions Answered

Chastisements of Mercy for 2018

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When The Chastisements Start

Be thankful that you are alive and your Country still has a chance to thrive 

 But there is not much time to act!

Disaster Recovery Plan

1. Massachusetts
2. California
3. Connecticut
4. Iowa
5. Vermont

6. Washington, DC
7. New Hampshire

In the last 100 years God has poured out his mercy on the world in many ways, no more extraordinary then in the frequent and urgent visits of the Blessed Virgin Mary to gently turn a wayward world back to God and our Lord Jesus Christ, just as He sent John the Baptist to prepare us for the First Coming of Jesus 2000 years ago. God has sent messages and warnings in natural events, strange weather, plagues, misfortunes, etc,  in order to get our attention. Our response has been to attribute these warnings to anything else but God and to continue on our way, getting worse as time goes by. As God has already allowed world wars, Marxist atheism and the like, a great chastisment for America and the Church is overdue (read Revelation 18 and other warnings on this site).

I have pleaded with God to, instead of sending a great punishment for all of America and the Church from which we would not recover, send smaller chastisements in order of the list of States below so that all will know without a doubt that it is from God. If He consents, then we will have the opportunity to change our hearts and Laws in order to end the chastisements and return to God's good Grace before it is too late. The USA and the Church must change its laws before all 7 chastisements occur: