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To show how far America has gone backwards, consider Boston, Massachusetts. Once the cradle of the American Revolution that boasted of heroes like Paul Revere, Samuel Adams and Henry Knox, she has trampled upon the hope and ideals set forth in the Declaration of Independence by hosting the first state legislature to legalize same-sex marriage and topping that off by replacing biological sex with gender identity in legal documents, in total defiance of Natures Law and God's Law which she once so bravely fought for. If God was to allow rocks or fire from the skies to fall somewhere in that and other states which have followed its lead, it would be out of the Mercy of God obtained by the Immaculate Heart of Mary to cause America to wake up to its senses before an even worse fate befalls the entire nation, at one time the apple of the Lord's eye.

I recently visited the Outer Banks of North Carolina and felt the Lord's distress at the state of two churches there. The first did not have any kneelers, and participants were forced to stand in unision during the consecration. The loud noise everywhere preceding the Mass made one think of a bingo game and was hardly conducive to reverent meditation before Mass. A lady with a guitar led the music and sold her wares afterwards. At the second parish I was heartened to see kneelers and a liturgy of the hours in place before Mass. That hope quickly vanished when I found that the tabernacle was located in the back of the church, so that when we knelt we had our buttocks facing the Lord. Then in walked a lady in a dress to perform the Eucharistic Communion and homily all by herself, all the while with a deacon present in the Mass! I felt the desire of the Lord to wash away these churches (and ensuing areas) with large waves so that they would have to be rebuilt again. After prayer, I implored Him instead to add these requirements for the Churches:

* Kneelers must be present (or knee pillows) to encourage kneeling at the presribed time in the universal liturgy

* The tabernacle of the Lord must be located in the front of the church

* Silence before Mass must be maintained for reverence for the Lord's physical presence and meditation

* Deacons or male parishoners will perform Eucharistic Celebration and homily in the absence of a priest

* Devotion to the Mother of Jesus must be encouraged with statues in prominent locations

* Obedience of consecrated souls to all norms of the Church must be kept, even to wearing of the habit

* All abortions must be illegal

* All Same-sex marriages must be illegal

* The erroneous application of "separation of chuch and state" described above must be illegal


Over time, America and other nations have drifted away from God. In 1917 during World War I, God sent the Prophetess of our times, the Blessed Virgin Mary, to invite us to return to God. She accurately warned us of grave events if we did not, including the red scourge of Marxist Atheism would spread its errors around the world, even into the Church. Those errors have found their way into the American judicial system. The fact that Thomas Jefferson was the principal author of the Declaration and that he also coined the phrase, “separation of church and state”, proves that his meaning behind the phrase was far different than what people use it for today. He used that phrase in a letter to a Pastor to encourage him that the State would not infringe on the rights of his church. Today it is erroneously used to stamp out religious expression in the city, state, workplace , etc. of America. Nature’s Laws and God’s Laws have been legally nullified or reversed. America has grown a deaf ear to Mary's warnings and others, and has grown only more prideful and arrogant. She has said the cup of the Wrath of God is full, even overflowing.

Even as a parent chastises a child out of love for its own good, so doesGod chastise those whom He loves. However that does not mean we have to wait for that punishment. All we need to do to get back into God's grace is to return to the laws below that were in effect for hundreds of years - talk about Precedence! The recent election of President Donald Trump is a big step in the right direction:

Last Chance


America and the Church ?

On July 4, 1776 our Congress gathered for perhaps the most important official Assembly ever in US history. God was mentioned 4 times in the ensuing Declaration of Independence: 1) we are subject to Natures and Gods Laws, 2) God created and endowed us with unalienable Rights, 3) God is the Supreme Judge of the world, and 4) we depend on God for divine protection. Beginning with this event, the free expression of Religion in State meetings and institutions was encouraged for nearly 200 years. God’s Love rewarded this nation with great strength and prosperity.