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A Catastrophe has occurred!  

"How often have I yearned to gather your children, as a mother bird gathers her young under her wings, but you refused me.

If only you had known the days of your peace!" (Mt 23:37)

"But now, great tribulations will come upon you. You will be buffeted by the wind of a tempest and a hurricane; of the great works built in you by human pride, not a stone will remain upon a stone." (MMP #242)
God wants our hearts and our laws to reflect His Laws.

God says No to killing Children. Mankind says Yes.
Would you like to be part of the Solution ?
God is a forgiving God. He loves a repentant sinner.
Support those who pledge to make our laws reflect God's Laws.

Read the Gospel (Questions?)

Take up your cross and follow Jesus. Pray the Rosary every day. Attend Holy Mass in the state of Grace; it has the power to atone for the sins of mankind daily.

Pray with your life, with your heart, with your work, with your pain, with your weariness, with your wounds.

"Pray more; pray with greater confidence; pray with humility and absolute self-abandonment. Especially, recite the holy rosary every day. By your prayer, you prevent error from becoming even more widespread; you hold in check the action of the Evil One; you move to the counter-attack, and you limit, more and more, his capacity to act. And in the end, through your prayer, you  are able to gain the victory: it will be God alone who will conquer, through you." MMP #155

Love your neighbor and do acts of kindness to your enemy.

Have you taken a poor person or family, who cannot pay you back, to dinner? How about a person or family of a different race, religion, or language?

Love or give in charity or kindness until it hurts, and then some.

Love conquers fear and evil, but make sure you pray first for strength and protection.

If you are Catholic, receive the Blessed Sacrament (the body, soul and divinity of Jesus) in a state of grace.

Visit Jesus often in the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle.

Enter into the safe refuge of the Immaculate Heart of Mary by an Act of Consecration to the Virgin Mary.

Make use of blessed objects and holy water for you and your home's protection.

 Are you in shock? Has everything turned upside down for you? Do not give into despair. God gives us Hope in His Divine Mercy. Jesus and Mary love you, even those furthest away from God. God chastises those whom He loves, just like a parent to a child. Like parents who hate to inflict pain on their children, He does so only out of necessity.

Do you have loved ones who have perished? Be more concerned for their (and your) Eternal life than for the short life span we have on this earth. If you are not sure they were ready to go straight to Heaven, perhaps they did make it to Purgatory, where God allows many souls who were deceived or otherwise unprepared for the new life to be purified before entering Heaven. Read the parable of Jesus in Matthew 18:21-35. The servant was saved by grace   when, after begging forgiveness, the King (God) forgave his entire debt. Later, however, the servant was judged by his works when he failed to forgive his fellow servant, and so he was sent to "jail" until he paid the entire debt. After the debt is paid the servant is free. So too, if we have sins not confessed or expiated by penance before we meet God, God will send us to Purgatory (jail) until we are purified, but there is an end to the time we spend in Purgatory and then we join the heavenly host forever. Persons sent to Hell do not have an end to their punishment. So we are saved by grace, but we are judged by our works. There are twenty-plus scriptures in the New Testament that describe how we are judged by our works, and "scripture cannot be put aside".

Before you change your Church or your Country, change yourself. The Virgin Mary, who was able to warn us accurately of grave events years before they occurred, told us why these things are allowed: wars and grave events are allowed because of the sins of mankind. Think about it: some of the very persons who call the loudest for peace may in fact be contributing to war by the lifestyle that they lead (but judge no one, that you may not be judged!)

Read the Ten Commandments. Meditate on them one by one, asking God to show you if you are guilty of breaking any.

Confess your sins, preferably to a holy priest.         Read the Gospel, believe it, and live it.

Pray, pray, pray. It is food and strength for the soul. Pray the holy Rosary every day; Mary uses these prayers to bind the Serpent.

If you do not pray much now, start out with short blocks of time and eventually increase your prayer time.

Rid your home of atheistic or immoral literature, etc so that you leave no open window for the spiritual enemy.

Fast now and then; if not from food, from smoking, drinking, television, etc. Mary asked us to fast on Wednesdays and Fridays.

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